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Meeting, July 6, 2017:
IAF in partnership with the German Abrahamic Forum inviting:
"Religions and Diversity – Social, Political, and Biological Aspects"

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IAF Conference 2013

Keynote addresses and workshop paprs are now available for download:

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IAF condemns German ban on circumcision

statement condemning the German ban on circumcision. Both English and German statements are available at

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Why Trialogue?

Paper presented by Abdessalam Naijar to the International Abrahamic Forum Steering Committee (First meeting, December 2011)

ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum

During 11-12 December, 2011, the Steering Committee of our Abrahamic Forum held its first meeting at the Martin Buber House in Heppenheim.
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Eid Ul Fitr Message of the Abrahamic Forum of the ICCJ

To our Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world


Resolution by the International Abrahamic Forum, December 2010

Abrahamic Forum

History of the ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum

The ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum is an expression of the ICCJ's renewed commitment to the Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue.

In 1995, the International Council of Christians and Jews decided at its Annual General Meeting to establish the "Abrahamic Forum" - a trilateral Jewish-Christian-Muslim committee. This decision was taken in recognition of the growing impact of Islam in the western world, the essential need for dialogue, tolerance and respect and for overcoming fears and prejudices. Recognizing as well the important role that Christians and Jews can and should play in this dialogue, the ICCJ decided to widen the scope of its activities and to contribute from the most successful experience gathered in many years of Christian-Jewish dialogue to the trilateral field of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Today, the need for this trilateral dialogue is even greater and more essential. Islam is not only the second largest religious community in the world, after Christianity, in some parts of the world it is also the fastest-growing. The large-scale immigration of Muslims has become a critical issue on the European scene sometimes leading to extreme forms of xenophobia.

In light of these developments, the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the ICCJ held in Istanbul, called for the revival of the Abrahamic forum as a trilateral body within the ICCJ while maintaining the bilateral, Jewish-Christian nature of the organization. To start this process, the ICCJ invited a small group of Jews, Christians and Muslims to Berlin from 12-14 December 2010, in order to explore the theoretical and spiritual aspects of the subject and to produce a working paper dealing with the issues each of the three faith traditions should bring to the dialogue table, the benefits and dangers of trilateral dialogue and the specific input from the Jewish-Christian dialogue into the "trialogue".

IAF Conference, June 2013, Aix-en-Provence.

Following that meeting the ICCJ Executive Board formally accepted the recommendation to revive its Abrahamic Forum and to appoint a steering committee representing the three faith traditions - Jewish, Christian and Muslim - to run its activities. It appointed this committee during the Annual General Meeting in Krakow in July 2011. Francesca Frazer was appointed as Project Coordinator for ICCJ’s trilateral activities in October 2011.

Our next exciting interfaith event will be a program on "Religions and Diversity – Social, Political, and Biological Aspects" that will take place on Thursday, July 6 in Bonn (Germany),immediately following the 2017 ICCJ Annual Conference (July 2-5).
Please see the announcement here ; a detailed program will be published in due time.

To join the International Abrahamic Forum (membership is free), please email Project Coordinator Francesca Frazer on