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Christian role in Muslim-Jewish reconciliation

Author Message
Written on: 14. 09. 2011 [16:08]
Dick Pruiksma
registered since: 17.08.2010
Posts: 10
Marianne Dacy; Sydney, Australia

My first reaction is one of admiration at the amount of richness that these two able women scholars, one Jewish, the other Christian extract from the texts that speak of Rachel and Leah, Hagar and Sara aI am excited by the progression of the dialogue between the two women scholars. Their views are complementary, each one reinforcing the other’s view point and expanding it. The sharing of biblical texts is a powerful way of discovering the richness of the other.

Dalia says that Christians can fulfil a crucial and just role in the reconciliation between Moslems and Jews? How? Ursula adds that we are used to intercultural and interreligious encounters between Jews and Moslems being full of tension and conflicts. Do these encounters need to be tension- filled? All in all, I find these exchanges are wonderfully enriching for their complementarity and also honesty and their application to life.

Marianne Dacy sent her text to the ICCJ office in Heppenheim. Her contribution therefore was posted by Rev. Dick Pruiksma, ICCJ General Secretary.