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The ICCJ serves as the umbrella organization of 40 national Jewish-Christian dialogue organizations world-wide. The ICCJ member organizations world-wide over the past five decades have been successfully engaged in the historic renewal of Jewish-Christian relations.

News flashes October edition online

Christoph Münz, JCR Editor in Chief | 05.10.2018

New articles are available on October contributions in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian are online. ... [more]

News flashes

Interfaith and Intrafaith Dialogue in Cambodia

Deborah Weissman; ICCJ Consultant | 29.09.2018

Former ICCJ President Debbie Weissman recently travelled to Cambodia, to attend a conference to which she had been invited by the World Council of Churches. She reports on interfaith - and intra-faith - dialogue in a truly international setting, stating that this particular conference was one of the most memorable ones she has ever attended. ... [more]

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Where is my Neighbour?

Nike Snijders; ICCJ Communications Officer | 28.09.2018

Hungary provided us with a beautiful historical setting and greeted us with great hospitality. Still, we must ask ourselves some tough questions when conducting interfaith dialogue in a society that stresses the supremacy of one religion and culture. Who is my neighbour in dialogue, and where is my neighbour? … [more]