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The ICCJ serves as the umbrella organisation of 38 national Jewish-Christian dialogue organisations world-wide. The ICCJ member organisations world-wide over the past five decades have been successfully engaged in the historic renewal of Jewish-Christian relations.

Young Leadership

The Young Leadership Council (YLC) is the youth branch of the International Council for Christians and Jews (ICCJ). Currently our board includes people from various Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions from around the world.

News flashes

News from our French member organization Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne de France (AJCF)

Anette Adelmann; ICCJ General Secretary | 22.07.2014

In support of our French member organization Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne de France (AJCF) the ICCJ presents an English translation of a statement about the current antisemitc incidents in France. ... [more]

News flashes

Young Leadership Council visited Philadelphia

Brad Seligmann, YLC | 08.07.2014

A few weeks ago members of the Young Leadership Council board met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to work on the details for our upcoming YLC conference in Uruguay. The conference will be take place in Centro Emmanuel, a Christian retreat center in Colonia Valdense, not far from the 2014 ICCJ conference in Buenos Aires. ... [more]

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Letter from the President

Dr Deborah Weissman; ICCJ President | 07.07.2014

The last week in Israel and the Palestinian territories has been a very difficult time. We in the ICCJ have waited before issuing any statements to see how events would unfold. I accept full responsibility for this. … [more]